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 Volunteer program What's Included in Program Fee$300 monthly Accommodation and Food (3 Meals a day) Airport Welcome In-country Transportation Support from the in-Country Coordinator Thoroughly researched and personalized projects FAITH Volunteer Placement Pre-departure information Volunteer Care and Other Services Certificate of Appreciation/Completion Fund Raising Ideas Comprehensive Travel Insurance Allocation of program fee *¬ Uganda Languages and Culture Program Free for one week * Airport receive/transfer (45 Minutes drive) $75 Language and Cultural Immersion program fee includes Language and Cultural training, food and accommodations for 7 days, training materials (books, papers, etc), cost of local sightseeing/tourist sites, cost of recreational activities,. Mission We are now in need volunteers for water projects in villages and camp works to build schools also in villages to buildboreholes We are now looking for volunteers to come in work camp building the new school for our orphanage center in Gganda  Nsumbi village in Apil2012

 APPLICATION FORM FOR VOLUNTEERS 2 PHOTOs NAMES _________________________ STATUS_____________________ ADDRESS ___________ _____ TELEPHONE: Home _____________________ Work _________________________________________ Email ______________________________________________________________________________ Mobile _____________________ DATE OF BIRTH ____________________________________________ CHILDREN/ DEPENDANTS _____________ CURRENT OCCUPATION ______________ PASSPORT NO._____ PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT From To DESCRIPTION OF WORK VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE From To DESCRIPTION OF WORK Do you speak any languages other than English? If yes, give details ________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have your own transport And House rent? ________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any hobbies or special skills? If yes, give details Do you have any health problems? If yes, give details Have you discussed becoming a volunteer with your family and friends? _______________________ If so, are they supportive? ________________________________________________________________________________ Have you experienced the voluntarily work in Africa? If yes give details and date What particularly interests you in being a volunteer with Deliverance world mission? Please give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two people who would be prepared to act as referees for your application. (eg employer, doctor, minister ,friend, parents) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Please indicate your preference for doing your voluntarily work □ 1 day (6 hours) per week for 6 weeks □ 3 hour evening sessions once per week for 6 weeks plus one Saturday/Sunday day Field work What day/s of the week would you be available to do the assignment? _________________________ Application fees :{$ 100} including Transport to correct you from Airport to Offices and communications ______________________________________________________________________ Note: as a Christian volunteer expect to meet some in need of help Are you Ready to help? Like sponsoring childrenís, fundraising for Ministry and to help Communities Around. We need your support to reach unreached with gospel and projects. You are all welcome together we can To build the kingdom of God God bless you