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BETHEL CHURCH COMMUNITY CARE FOR DEVELOPMENT THE CONSTITUTION OF BETHEL CHURCH CARE FOR DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION TABLE OF CONTENTS  INTRODUCTION  LOCATION  VISION  MISSION  CONTACT ADDRESS  OBJECTIVES  MEMBERSHIP , RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERS  ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE & THEIR RESPECTIVE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  MEETINGS  Executive Meetings  Extra- ordinary Meetings  Annual General Meetings  STRUCTURE OF THE GROUP  Rights and obligations of members.  Termination of membership  Sources of finance  Financial management  Loan management CONSTITUTION FOR BETHEL CHURCH COMMUNITY FOR DEVELOPMENT 1.0 INTRODUCTION Members of Bethel Church Community Care for Development (Nsumbi) Having observed, the national trend in development decided to form C.B.O, focusing on the potential that can be utilized in uplifting the standards of people, this was formed in 2004 by the following. • Dan Atwijukire • Juliet Atwijukire • Kwagala Miriam • Prosy Kwagala • Mulamira sam 1.1 LOCATION The group is located in Wakiso district, Wakiso sub-County, Nsumbi parish Kazinga village, 2km from Nansana. 1.2 MISSION To reach the unreachable through faith and development 1.3 VISION “An end to poverty” 1.4 MOTTO “With God all things are possible” 2.0 OBJECTIVES  To promote micro- finance / saving and credit scheme.  To support the needy i.e. O.V.C and the widows in our District  To transform the community through the word of Gospel  To promote vocational skills to the community  To fight H.I.V /AIDS and malaria  To sensitize and provide antenatal services to the community  To eradicate illiteracy in the community  To promote modernization of agriculture  To ensure environmental protection 3.0 Membership 3.1 All members of the Bethel Church • A person shall become a member after payment of a non refundable fee of shs. 10,000/= (five thousand shillings) which will be subjected to revision depending on economic situation prevailing at the time. • A person shall be considered an active member if; • He / she proves honest, cooperative, able to follow advice • A person shall be considered an active member if he/ she proves to be honest, cooperative, • Able to work voluntarily and above all to attend regular meetings and uphold the constitution governing the group. Rights and obligations of a member.  There shall be equal treatment of all people devoid of any form of discrimination based on differences among members.  Equality of all members shall be absolute at all levels in the group unless determined by hierarchy was established with in this constitution.  All members shall abide by the principals values, rules and guide lines lard in this constitution, while carrying out any function relating to this group. 3.5 TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP  If he fails to adhere to the rules of the constitution  There shall be automatic disqualification if the member abrogates the constitution on his or her interests.  If the person dies  If he decides to leave the group  After being warned three times by the Executive; such a person shall be expelled from the group . MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE 4.5 The organization shall be arranged from bottom to top. The organization shall be based on decentralization of decision making to allow grass root participation. The patron and the board of directors  The group shall have the Patron and a Board of Directors, and the Patron shall be appointed by the Executive to serve for a specified period usually 2 – 4 years.  The Board of Directors shall act as an advisory council to the association.  The secretary of the group will act as the secretary to the Board of Directors. The Executive committee  There shall be an Executive Committee which shall be the policy implementation organ of the group  Have the powers to run the group and shall be answerable to the general meeting.  Members shall individually be accountable to the chairperson and collectively be responsible for a decision made by the executive.  Shall be the governing authority of the group and shall conduct the affairs of the group in accordance with the constitution.  Shall make regulations for the efficient running of the group The executive shall consist of the following:- 4.6 The executive board 1 Chairperson 2 vice chairperson 3 Secretary 4 Treasurer 5 publicity/ information 6. Other 2 members  Every sitting every member shall contribute not less than sh 1,000= which will be given to the treasurer for banking on the groups account. 5.2 Chair person. (a) The chairperson shall be the head of administration of the group / organization. (b) Shall preside all meetings (c) Shall monitor all group activities. (d) Shall be responsible for implementation of all the resolutions passed by the Executive and all the members. (e) Shall be the principle signatory to the groups account 5.3 Vice Chairperson (a) Shall do all activities for above, if he or she is absent, deputize the chairperson. (b) Shall perform any other function as delegated by the chairman. (c) 5.4 Secretary (a) He / She shall keep records and affairs concerning the group. (b) Shall write meeting proceedings (c) Shall perform any other function as might be assigned. 5.5 Treasurer  Shall keep all records relating to financial matters of the group.  Shall be required to keep all assets of the group investments and all reliabilities shall be taken into accounts and fully settled accordingly. 5.6 Publicity secretary  Shall give or gather information on development social, religious for the benefit of the group.  Shall be the deputy secretary in the absence of the secretary. GENERAL COMMITTEE 6. This has the supreme or overall powers of the association it has powers to hire and fire any sitting officer if it is in the interest of the community and the association  Its major role will be to suggest amendments in the constitution and other adjustments In the interest of the group as may find it fit to do so. Meetings • Executive meeting • Extra ordinary meeting • Annual general meeting (a) The Executive committee  Shall hold meetings at least once in every month for purpose of evaluation and effective plans.  A 3 day notice shall be required for the meeting day.  A quorum shall be four out of the seven members. (b) Extra – ordinary meeting In order for the group to work properly extra ordinary for both executive and general meeting shall be convened for agent meeting. A quorum shall be a half of the members. (c) General meetings i) A group shall always hold annual general meetings. ii) One week notice shall be required. iii) A quorum shall be 2/3 of the members. iv) A previous minute of the proceedings shall be read. v) A fully detailed report of all activities shall be required, showing success and fans and possible solutions shall be made. vi) Fresh electrons shall be conducted for office bearers. vii) Financial report shall read. viii) Bidding resolutions shall be passed during the meeting SOURCES OF FINANCE (a) Membership fee. (b) Subscription fee, the amount shall be determined by the members. (c) From donors, N.G.O, Government program & well wishers. (d) Loans from lending institution. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT  All members of the group shall fully responsible and accountable in as far as the group income and expenditure income.  The administration and the control of finances shall be vested in the chairperson, secretary and the treasurer for and on behalf of the association.  The group shall operate an account on Stambic Bank or any other bank of its choice in Kampala or Wakiso District or else where.  For all bank transaction the chairperson as principal signatory shall sign other with the secretary and treasurer of the group.  Any member who fails to pay back in time will pay with an interest. LOAN MANAGEMENT.  Each member is entitled for securing a loan through the group.  All assets shall be declared on application for the loan  The declared asset shall be of value.  The loan will depend on how the condition of her life situation, the loan shall be a short term loan. Technical and support staff The organization will have staff for easy implementation of programs and the respective activities i.e.  Project manager  Office assistant  Community workers /loans officers  Office assistant DISSOLVING THE GROUP A group shall be dissolved only by the consensus of all members during the annual general meeting but shall be required to give genuine reasons to the group and following shall be required. The books of account shall be audited to determine the  Situation of finance management i.e the group budget bank accounts and reliabilities.  The group shall fulfill its obligation to all members.  The group shall recover all things (money) from debtors.  All project’s assets shall be sold not to an open market  All the cash in the bank shall be withdrawn and shared out to all members. 10. PROVISION FOR AMENDMENT. i) In case the General meeting feels the need to effectively streamline the operations of the group, any part here in the constitutions shall be subjected to amendment depending on circumstances prevailing at the time. ii) In the event of any amendment, all relevant authorities of the group, government agencies and NGO’s shall be notified accordingly. Date of commencement This constitution shall be deemed to have come into effect on…20th march 2009……………. Group subscribers We the undersigned members of the group for and on behalf of the group, subscribed to the constitution of the group and certify that this constitution of Bethel Church Community Care for Development. Development is not contrary to the provision of the constitution of Uganda. And we the undersigned for and on behalf of the group undertake in accordance with the laws of Uganda pertaining to the registration of the non governmental organizations of the republic of Uganda. NAMES OF MEMBERS WHO ATTENDED THE MEETING 1. Namukwaya Alice 2. Namatovu Eva 3. Nasanga Caro 4. Nakamya Alice 5. Kwagala Mariam 6. Nakamya Shamusa 7. Najjansi Barbra 8. Namboze Florence 9. Prossy Kwagala 10. Asyesiga Irene 11. Kirabo Silver 12. Nalwoga Hadijja 13. Kagimu John 14. Magezi Abel EXECUTIVE MEMBERS 2. Kwagala Mariam 0781 – 489 164 3. Prossy Kwagala 0779 – 108 914 4. Magezi Abel 0772 – 829 187 5. Namatovu 0784 – 525 007 6. mulamira sam