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We Reach un Reached

Back ground

Wakiso Christian education ,community care and development centre  was started way back in 2005 by pastor Daniel Atwijukire and the community members of the church ,having identified problems concerning the church members especially widows and needy women .

They sat  together and discussed about how they can help them selves to ride out the poverty and literacy problems which is the major case among women in wakiso community .There is Hiv/Aids  Orphans, Widows with orphans as well as old women /Guardians with in wakiso District particulary in nsumbi village

Women are the majority in Africa who work hard to produce food eaten in every family /home. Many families depend on farming lead by a woman . If a woman is weak so the family will be poor and run with in food shortage which may lead to hunger starvation in that home

            WACECDEC has organized themselves these women in groups with in the community of Nsumbi village  as the only community organization which come up to help widows/needy women and the need in the areas.



               THE  AIMS



The aims of this project is to uplift the standards of widows/women and the nbeedy living in nsimbi village by providing support in equipments ,education skills training  ,health materials, scholastic materials ,clothes and essential commodities including food and agro adviserty service to community.





               Situation Analysis

Most wimen residents of nsumbi village  have a need to be curbed in order to help them selves come out of rampage poverty ,literacy and lack of skills

Some of these are the needy women while others are are needy living under poverty line and having families under their care .Since Hiv/Aids is also a mojor cause of widows while others living with epidemic but such people need  healh supports such as ARV –Tablets malaria tablets mosqitor nets conselling vist love and gifts to such needy people .

Education through skills training , Literacy and create aweareness among these identification persons falling  under this project to benefit as they learn and strive to come out of living in poverty line.






The government of Uganda through Donars countries has prayed a key  role in fighting povery and Hiv/AIDS .However any people are still living under absolute poverty .In wakiso nsumbi village in particular there are many familiea  who servive on one meal a he reason being they can not afford to earn a dollar a day. There are many widows needy/women and youth some never went to school while others ane dropouts of school but are not anganged in any icome generating activities because they do not have knowledge and skills that will enable them become self employed . This resulted into social evils such as rape difilment theft and hooligalism.

Aids orphans have  ended up in many activities that put their lives at risk for instance prostitution to earn a li ving . some have even gone to streets of the city to beg for money so as to earn a livig such children are denied their rights to education food shelter and other basic needs.Its was against this back ground that wacedeccdevelope this project proposal to mitigate impact of Hiv/ AIDS  ,and other factors like poverty onwomen /widows,children and youth by bulding their competencies .provinding them with life skills in order to live a meangfull life








The overall goal of this project is to improve the quality of life of the widows/ needy women children and youth in wakiso district starting in nsumbi  Gganda village.




i Provide basic education to orphans,vulnerable children in and around nsumbi

iiProvide  basic  literacy education to those identified .

iii Provide basic needs and essential commodities to widows/needy

iv provide basic education and skills to widows /needy eg tailoring hair dressing ,bakeryand catering

v To expand productive employement and unemployment by creating income generating activities eg moulding bricks/blocks and carpentrywork

viTo promote a sense of God fearing to the community

vii To equipe youth with life skills as to change on thier morals

viiiTo promote self reliance projects to citizens

ix To promote drop out youths out school that they may continue with their studies

xTo  creact small scale busness advisory clinics

xi To promote droup out / youth by proving technical skill

xii To establish foundry centre for making bolts nuts hinges and etc

xiiiHelping the widows in their welfare

xiv To provide urban agricultural advisory services to the community

xv to creat Agro processing centre

xvi to provide  health materials eg marelia tablets dewamingof children and mosquitonets to the community

xviiTO create awareness to the community